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As rats gentrify the big apple,
wE're rating theIR best HIDDEN watering holes



Fievel's Attic  

Trendy East Village hangout offering innovative cocktails from the friendly bar staff.



The Traphouse

A favorite amongst the young Greenpoint inhabitants, known for it's larger pours of vino.




Dumbo's newest rodent saloon won't disappoint with its extensive beer menu.



Health Dept.  

This throwback bar doesn't take credit and you may get looks if you're not a burrow local.



Gruyere & Honey  

This chic reservations-only bar features the best cheese pairings New York can offer.



Please Don't Gnaw  

This recently opened squeakeasy is perfect for the pickiest of rats, and a favorite of local hero, Avocado Rat.



Remy NY  

Retired celebrity chef Remy's signature bar that lives up to its French roots.



Behind the Squeak

Learn how rats hired local craftsman to build squeakeasies
and install them around NYC.



The Squeakeasies pop up in the most Rat populated areas of New York. Based on research from NBC, found on this map.